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Sarah's Story

Hi!  My name is Sarah and this is my story. 

Since starting this site in 2012 over $50,000 has been donated to help children in need around the world.  Take a moment to watch the video and look around... and if you want to join our movement to put others' "needs" ahead of our own "wants" then join me and "Take the Pledge!"

If you like the video, please do these THREE Things:

#1 - Click on the "YouTube" logo in the lower right corner of the video to go to the YouTube website, and then click "LIKE" to Like my video!

#2 - Click on the "Share" button in the upper right corner to share the video with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

#3 - Take the Pledge!

I have been hearing from a lot of teachers who have shared the video with their classes... thanks for doing this!

If you have watched the video and want to join me in helping kids around the world this year, CLICK HERE to "Take the Pledge"!


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